Sale No : 8
Sale Date : 18/19 FEBRUARY 2020
This week's offerings showed a marginal improvement and totalled 4.7 m/kgs.
Ex-estate offerings continued to be small and totalled 0.56 m/kgs. Overall quality of the teas from the Western planting districts continued to show a further decline with the majority of the teas comprising of fair average quality. There was good demand for the limited quantity on offer and once again teas in the higher price bracket declined in value following quality. The better liquoring teas continued to be sought after by shippers to Japan whilst shippers to the CIS bid on a wider cross section of the offerings. CTC varieties met with limited interest and the prices were marginally lower to last. Liquoring leafy teas continued to meet good demand and sold well at fairly attractive price levels.
Low growns comprising of approximately 2.0 m/kgs met with fair demand. In the Leafy catalogues select best OP/OPAs together with OP1s declined Rs.10-15 per kg. There was, however, much improved demand at the lower end with prices being fully firm to irregularly dearer. Pekoes continued strong with a fair weight of teas selling over Rs.500/-. In the Tippy catalogues too select best FBOP/FF1s were generally firm whilst the cleaner secondaries too were firm. At the lower end, however, fibry sorts were irregular and lower. Turkey, Syria, CIS together with Dubai operated on a fair cross section of teas whilst Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq too were active.